Here at simplyHR we're more than consultants, we're partners in your business.


We love HR so you can love what you do. 

Whether you're looking for an annual check-in to make sure your HR practices are up to date, or want monthly support for you and your team, partnering with simplyHR means you have an HR partner with you through it all.

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*On-site visits may incur travel fees.

Labor Posters

Why do you need them? Because they're required through various State and Federal agencies. You could end up paying fines and penalties if you don't have them posted. They also can update at any time, with both simplyHR packages you get a subscription which means free updates throughout the year. (Woo-hoo!)


Why it's amazing? They have SO MANY forms and documents! Need a job description? Great! They have a whole collection of them already created for you. Want to implement an employee handbook? With just a few clicks, you can have your very own employee handbook - TODAY! It may just be the best thing since sliced bread - at least for your new HR nerd friends, it definitely is.  

Monthly HR Newsletters and Webinars

Why you should read/watch every single one? We can all agree you're really amazing at what you do, and not to toot our own horn, (okay we're tooting a little) we're really good at what we do. HR compliance can be tricky to understand, but we love digging into all the specifics and breaking down to make it easy to understand. We also live and breathe HR updates, so you get the most up to date information. 

Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Meetings

Why this is the best feature? After years of consulting, we realized that one key factor that was missing from the HR consulting equation and it was creating a PROACTIVE resource and ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure that the businesses we support have their HR practices and procedures inline BEFORE something happens - like an audit (*ahem* we see you unemployment insurance department). We bring the questions, you give us your answers, and from there we can make a plan on how to get your HR practices where they need to be. 

Ready to get HR support?