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4 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Are More Important Than You Think

Job descriptions. Just another stale HR document or your new BFF? While drafting, reading, and keeping job descriptions up to date may seem daunting, there are a few reasons why you may want to take the time out of your busy day to spend with your new BFF.

Job descriptions let your employees know what they are responsible for

Job descriptions are a great tool for communicating what employees are responsible for. If you want a great worker, who does their job, and knows what they are responsible for, you're going to need to start by telling them exactly what the job entails. And a job description can do just that! It outlines the expectations of what you want the employee to do, what skills they may need to have, working conditions, and who they report to. Job descriptions also help you find the cream of the crop when it comes to job candidates. So before you even decide to hire an employee, you are already letting them know just what it means to be part of your team.

Can help when an employee is injured on the job

Ever had a workers compensation claim and no job description? It can be a bit messy. The last thing you want to worry about while in the midst of a workers compensation claim is remembering what your employees do for you. Having a job description prepared beforehand can save you in a pinch! Plus it will make the claim go much more smoothly. Instead of scrambling trying to figure out what your workers do each day, you'll be able to hand over a document to their physician that outlines what the employee is responsible for. This makes your worker's compensation provider happy, the physician happy, and your favorite HR folks (*ahem*) happy. Now the physician(s) helping you with the claim have a better understanding of what kind of limitations the employee's injury may have on their work.

Helps you understand what accommodations you may need to provide

Accommodations for workers with disabilities is becoming more and more present in today's workforce. While the Americans with Disabilities Act covers employers with 15 or more employees, we think it’s a great practice to for all businesses to work with your employees to try and accommodate when you are able to. Having a job description will help both you and the employee work together to figure out what accommodation will work for both parties. Need your employee to be able to lift 50 pounds with their bare hands? Maybe the accommodation is more honey breaks. (see what we did there?) All joking aside, whether your employees need to be able to lift with their bare hands, bear hands, or just regular hands, if you have a job description that outlines that lifting 50 pounds is an essential function of the job you can work with the employee to figure out if there is a reasonable accommodation that can be provided.

Can help you win your next unemployment claim

Have you ever terminated an employee due to issues with their job performance and then they go and file for unemployment? Well, a job description could help you win the unemployment claim! A job description is yet another wonderful, lovely, document that provides information related to the expectations that you as the employer had for you employee. Now you'll need some additional documentation to really help with an unemployment claim, but a job description is one document that you'll certainly want to have prepared. We love documents, so much so that we have an entire blog post proclaiming our love for documents, you can read it here.

So there you have it, 4 important reasons why you should have a job description for each position within your company. Not sure how to write a job description? We can help. Contact us HERE.

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