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Do you really need a new 2019 all-in-one labor poster?

Have you ever gotten a call, or maybe a few hundred calls, from your poster compliance company telling you that you need an update ASAP? Us too. Unfortunately, we’ve found these solicitation calls to be misleading.

Don’t get us wrong - employees should be informed of their rights, and State & Federal posters are a great way to do that. We appreciate compliance in all areas of HR, and having posters available and visible to employees is a requirement we encourage all businesses to comply with. Every year we find ourselves in this love-hate dynamic with poster companies.

Why we love them: Poster compliance companies are efficient at just that. Like any organization that focuses on one sole thing, they’re efficient and effective at what they do. They have nicely designed, easy to use all-in-one posters covering all of the requirements from the federal to each state’s requirements. They also have add-on’s which are industry-specific, or specific to requirements for unique government contracts, etc.

Why we hate them: We feel they take advantage of their consumers. MOST years, and so far, 2019 is a great example, very few, if any, of the posters have been updated or revised. This year, all of the required Federal posters stayed the same from the previous year. For our Colorado employers, ONE poster was updated - minimum wage. Now, because we’re busy business owners and managers, we don’t have the time to research each individual poster and their revision date. As a result, we end up spending anywhere between $50 - $100 on new posters that we don’t necessarily need.

Our gift to you: Unless you have a very unique industry-specific requirement or government contract requirement, you can use the 2018 federal posters! If you’re in Colorado, you can print the updated Minimum Wage Order 35 poster by clicking here, tape it over last year’s Minimum Wage Order 34 poster, and voila! You’re in compliance! You’re welcome. ;)

And thanks - as always, for contacting us with your HR questions. We’re happy to support you through all of the adventures of being an employer!

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