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How to Keep Your Peeps

Ross and Rachel. Macaroni and cheese. Saturday and Sunday. Engagement and retention. Some things just go together. But removing one part can weaken the pair. What if our weekend was just Saturday or "We were on a break!" If we take away engagement, we might end up adding turnover to the equation, which is an employer’s nemesis right now.

When HR talks about engagement, we’re not suggesting throwing money and bennies at the employees to get them to like their jobs and stay with the company long term. With true engagement, the employees are excited to come to work each day, be productive, and be a collaborator in the success of the organization. So, you might be asking yourself, wouldn’t more money or an extra week of vacation be motivating enough? The truth is, those are basic needs that aren’t necessarily tied to your organization. An employee can go somewhere else and receive those same, or better perks. Linking employee engagement to retention involves more than just a bigger paycheck. Let’s explore ways to keep this winning duo together in your own organization.

"When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute." - Simon Sinek

The Values

Employees want to have a strong connection to their employer. They most likely applied with you because of the company’s reputation or mission or values. Imagine how engaged they will be knowing their own values align with those of the organization. But values aren’t just something you paint on the lobby walls. They are a lived experience for your employees, and they are lived examples set by leadership.

The Community

We all have passions outside of work. Some of those passions may involve our communities. Companies that encourage and promote community involvement with things like paid volunteer time, fundraising, or social responsibility, typically see higher levels of engagement from their employees.

The Communication

Yes, this is our favorite topic and one we love to talk about. Have you ever had a job where you felt like you were all alone, navigating the expectations of the role blindly? Maybe you took initiative on a project only to find out all your time and hard work was for nothing. Talk about lack of engagement. Employees want to feel valued and heard. In order to achieve this, there must be open and frequent communication. What are the business initiatives? What direction is the company being taken? What part does the employee play in reaching the company’s goals? Involve your employees in the discussion. Your success depends on it.

The Growth

This is another biggie! Employees need to be able to grow. Nothing will lead to disengagement quicker than a dead end. Beyond developing the employee for a typical career path, there are several ideas you can use to foster growth in your employees:

  • Offer a continuing education program

  • Reimburse for certification or licensing credentials

  • Provide crossing training in other areas of the organization

  • Allow time to work on special projects

  • Partnership with a mentor

The Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive organization is a healthy one. It's also a pretty important consideration that job seekers make when deciding where to work, and whether current employees stay. Investing in a diverse workplace leads to productivity, innovation, financial success, and our good friend engagement.

We could go on, and we actually will in our training on August 25th. Reserve your spot today so that you don't miss out on more ways you can positively impact engagement and retention in your organization.